Hello Radio, My Old Friend

I read a lot about new ideas, consumer trends and the potential of new ways to reach audiences everywhere. It is exciting to try new things and test the market, so to speak, to see how we can get results. Everyone is trying to find a better, more efficient way to reach an audience that will react to your advertising and want to do business with you.

You see, the world is obsessed with new and different. There must be a better way! And while we all appreciate the new advances in medicine and technology, electric cars and solar-powered homes, it is also true that some things just continue to work over time.

New media vs. old media, how can you brand and deliver messages to the new customers we seek?

Well, the truth is an old friend has been the most resilient through the pandemic and for the last 75 years. Our old friend is broadcast radio.

Two brand new studies make it clearer than ever that adults in America are on the move, rebounding from a low in April 2020 to today, when more than 90% of Americans are back in their cars and on the move.

A recent study of data from Apple Maps is showing a 13% growth of cars on the road in the fourth quarter of 2020. According to the Department of Labor. only 23% of employees worked from home in September. For adults who are away from home, most listen to radio. As of January 2021, nearly 62% have switched from public transportation and rideshare to a personal vehicle to drive. Americans are treating their cars as an extension of their homes and using them more to escape the four walls of their houses – or as a mobile office. All of this out-of-home activity provides more access to the number one form of entertainment and news gathering – broadcast radio.

A recent analysis of Nielsen data from January of this year showed that of the US population, 94% of adults ages 25-54 and 96% of 35-64 adults have returned to more normal listening patterns as compared to the same time last year. These listeners have household incomes of $75,000 or greater and are Americans with spending power. In addition, 92.9% or 142 million of the 153 million Americans are employed. So that “new normal” we keep hearing about is really beginning to return to the old normal.

Radio continues to be consumed at a very high level, with adult listeners and more Americans back on the road hearing your message. It may be time to re-think all of your marketing strategies, but especially if you’re not using broadcast radio. It’s the old friend that provides consistency and high-quality response, even during tough times.

Written by Mark Richards

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