Life Is Show Prep

-The best stories and the best shows make your audience feel something.

“It’s hard coming up with my own show material each week.” We hear that constantly from new clients at 3Stage Media who’ve been trying to write and produce radio and television shows on their own. As easy as they make it sound, talk radio legends such as Sean Hannity or the late Rush Limbaugh would spend hours each day on show prep, or have teams to help them do that. At 3Stage Media, we try to fill that role for clients, helping them find the topics and stories each week that will help them connect to the listener. And when a new client asks what they’re supposed to talk about, it’s an easy answer…talk about your life!

Life is the best source of show prep.

Case in point…one of my colleagues recently pulled up in her driveway and noticed her neighbor’s kid selling lemonade. So, she got out her phone and recorded a conversation with him about his business model and why he was selling lemonade at a time when most kids are in the A/C and playing video games. The answers she got were smart – and adorable! We used pieces of that interview for our financial shows because it provided some real-life lessons on inflation, saving and understanding net profit. It led to some great conversations with our clients about the jobs they had as kids, and what they wish younger generations understood about the value of hard work. If you look around during your daily routine, you’ll find those kinds of stories that will resonate with listeners.  

Don’t be afraid to get real about your own life.

One of my clients recently shared on his radio show that he’s about to lose his father, who’s in hospice. He opened up about one of the toughest losses any of us can go through, sharing his best memories with his dad and his biggest regrets. Those few minutes of vulnerability might’ve been the best story he’s ever shared on air, because it was heartfelt and even humorous at times. 

The best stories – and the best shows – make your audience feel something.

Yes, it’s important to share information about your business and what you can do for someone when you’re trying to get direct response through media, but don’t forget to be human and share your life too. Those are the stories that make someone say, “Hey, I really like them…I should give them a call.”

Written by Jennifer Perry

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