Google Algorithm Changes Impacting Your Business

Everyone in digital media cringes when Google announces changes. One tiny modification to their algorithm can cause a ripple effect on processes and results. Most of the changes are designed to improve user experience, because…

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Life Is Show Prep

“It’s hard coming up with my own show material each week.” We hear that constantly from new clients at 3Stage Media who’ve been trying to write and produce radio and television shows on their own….

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Oprah’s Harry and Meghan interview & Your Media

At 3Stage Media, we track everything. Data and results matter to us, so when I began to see the promos for the Meghan and Harry interview on CBS with Oprah, I knew this would be…

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Hello Radio, My Old Friend

I read a lot about new ideas, consumer trends and the potential of new ways to reach audiences everywhere. It is exciting to try new things and test the market, so to speak, to see…

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Sunny Side Up?

Recently, I was listening to a podcast “Sunny Side Up” produced by Demand Matrix, a leading tech data provider that has world class AI and tracking systems to help businesses fuel their marketing decisions. The…

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Creating Change in 2021

“How’s business?” When someone asks you that question after all the changes we’ve been through over the past year, how do you answer it? Can you confidently say that you’re still thriving – or at…

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