Sunny Side Up?

Recently, I was listening to a podcast “Sunny Side Up” produced by Demand Matrix, a leading tech data provider that has world class AI and tracking systems to help businesses fuel their marketing decisions. The episode I heard featured an old friend and colleague from Google, Jay Bowen.

Jay is the Managing Director of Growth for Home and Consumer Services for Google, and one of the really smart guys in the digital media and data analysis world.

Jay started his career in media sales, and I remember times we spoke about the growth of our broadcast industry and how to better serve clients with proven adverting plans and the right messaging. Today, Jay uses his vast experience to serve his customers at Google, continuing to blaze trails in the digital space.

One of the key points that was discussed is something I deal with every week with our media customers – the mindset that media and marketing is an expense that we must drag around like a ball and chain. I just can’t afford to invest in myself or my company. The truth is, and what Jay reminded us all about, is that media and marketing are growth drivers. Businesses and employees must be in a growth mindset to accelerate growth, period. We can’t get to where you are going without the right mindset. In addition, you will never attract great people with a growth mindset if you do not demonstrate that growth mindset.

With digital media, there is paralysis through analysis. Companies spend way too much time on analysis rather than action and experimentation. There is a time to experiment, but we must fail fast to learn what is working. Digital does require measurement, but it is important to determine what is working, what is not, and move forward with purpose and speed.

At 3Stage Media, we work very hard on innovation but also have proven programs and techniques that deliver ROI to our customers. Let’s face it…if your digital marketing is not working, why is it not working, and what are the true results of your campaign? These are questions you should be able to answer every single time.

In addition to having a growth mindset, we must all admit that the pandemic in America has forced the digital and online experience to become better for clients. Everyone must embrace a virtual experience in meeting others and doing business when it is not safe to travel or meet in person.

When is the last time you looked at your website? How are you adapting to the new world? How is your digital experience with customers? Is your digital experience better than your competition? Is it better than the pre-pandemic? As my friend Jay mentioned in his podcast appearance, the pandemic has truly advanced the digital experience by a complete decade – in just one year! 

Use this opportunity now to get into a growth mindset and catch up with the world with your digital experience.  

Written by Mark Richards

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