The Importance of Media for Financial Advisors

Savvy financial advisors understand the importance of media and how it supports their business goals. Media is a powerful tool in marketing and communications that helps to build brand awareness, trust, and authority. Leveraging various types can create a competitive advantage and developing the right media strategy can boost sales. As digital capabilities grow, people often forget the strength of traditional media. However, traditional and digital media complement each other and often produce the most effective results when combined. When it comes to influencing consumer behavior and perceptions, here’s what media can do for you.

1. Increase awareness and capture audience attention
Media is the best vehicle for financial advisors to use in order to spread information about their business. Telling people about yourself, what you do, and who you serve is important for building awareness. According to a recent study, 94% of marketers say that video helped increase user understanding of a product or service. Effective media production and media buying result in positive brand exposure, and combining digital and traditional media will boost your visibility and amplify your reach. Create captivating TV, radio, podcast, and video content that wins your audience’s attention. With awareness and interest, you can create a lasting impression and gain influence.

2. Humanize your brand and build trust
Storytelling and the power of media also help to humanize your brand and build trust. The key to creating a genuine connection with your audience is staying true to yourself. Let your personality shine through across TV and video. Speak in your own voice and forget about selling. If selling is on your mind, your content will sound and feel like a sales pitch. People connect with experiences and personalities. Showcase your most personable, yet authentic self and you will attract your audience. Add the human touch by incorporating personal content. Become the face of your business and the most recognized face in the pool of financial advisors. Recognition and familiarity help in a crowded market and prospects will gravitate towards people they trust. If you want to feel more comfortable and confident in the spotlight, invest in media training.

3. Establish authority and educate your audience
With awareness and trust, media attention can help financial advisors gain authority. As the face of your brand, you can educate your audience. People are more receptive and responsive to messages that come from trusted sources. You can use media appearances and content to build credibility. Establish yourself as a trusted resource by becoming a thought leader. You can use your influence to teach your audience about your business and related topics. Learn more about celebrity thought leadership.

4. Differentiate your brand and gain a competitive advantage
Investing in media production and media buying gives you a competitive advantage. In a crowded market, it’s important to manage your identity and perceptions held by your audience. Media can help you differentiate your brand and build your reputation as a go-to expert. Today, your clients and prospects have access to various resources and many perspectives. Create content that serves your position in the marketplace and your audience. Find out what your audience wants to know and provide that information. If they want to dig deeper, share information for them to learn more in a video that strengthens your image.

5. Increase sales and grow your business
Financial advisors can leverage media to drive traffic. In a study of U.S. TV viewers, 94% of participants kept a smartphone on hand while watching TV. This means you can use media content to guide prospects from one device to another. Generate leads with TV and video by driving viewers and listeners to your website. Be smart about media planning and media buying to reach the right audience; this will help you connect with more qualified prospects. Increase your visibility among people who are likely to engage and show interest. You can boost your sales by leveraging the power of media to attract the best clients.

TV, radio, podcast, and video content powers your sales and marketing funnels. The value of media for financial advisors outweighs the costs. Consistency and effective communication are keys to building a strong brand. Consistency in media helps you achieve top-of-mind awareness among viewers and listeners and allows you to capture attention and educate prospects, clients, and gate openers. Media presence also enables you to share content that humanizes and differentiates your brand. Gain and sustain a competitive advantage by leveraging the power of media. Effective media production, planning, and buying help your bottom line.

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Written by Mark Richards

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